Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Highlands Business Group - Winter Market & Holiday Fair

We(Kim and my Helper) had a great time selling some of the wood shop's leftovers and meeting lots of people.

I had a pretty big stack of extra materials - black walnut, western juniper, cherry, elm, Russian olive and mahogany - just all in 12-22" lengths. So I ended up making butcher block cutting boards, trivets and some boxes that all sold very well.

Below is a few pictures of some pieces that we have duplicates of for sale and can be shipped reasonably.

Live Well
Bill 'The Furniture Guy' Hitchcock
Lakewood, CO

Cherry/Walnut/Mahogany Cutting Board - 8"x17" -$25 

Western Juniper Box - 7"x12"x3" - $55

Small Butcher Block Cutting Board - 6"x6" - $10

Russian Olive Box - 5"x9"x5" - $45

Black Walnut Box - 6"x13"x5" - $55

Beetle Kill Box - 5"x5"x16" - $35

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