Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bill at Belmar

Starting June 19th, Father's Day, I'll be at the Belmar Farmer's Market.
Come on down and a put a seat to use in the shade.

Live Well
Bill 'The Furniture Guy' Hitchcock
Lakewood, CO

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Folding Chair

Here's some more pics of the Folding Chairs, $105 each, $210 a pair from
Bill 'The Furniture Guy' Hitchcock - 303-910-2725.

My absolutely wonderful seamstress
Mia Phan - Creative Tailors
2717 Colorado Blvd, Denver CO
has been stitching away and has several new fabrics available (pics below).

As always custom fabric choices are available.
And just one more chair pics:

Back in the lab/woodshop I'm working on a folding table, a sunscreen/hood that will be attached to
the chair, a kids chair, a big fellas chair and Mia is working on a pillow to go with the chairs.

But enough blogging - time to make saw dust.

Any questions or comments? Please feel free to contact me at:
Bill 'The Furniture Guy' Hitchcock
Lakewood, CO

Monday, April 11, 2011

RV Build out

Ok now for something completely different:

I built out this kitchen for the interior of a Sprinter Van that will be used for camping, above is the kitchen
And I also added a new wooden, insulated roof. It was definitely a challenge, but a fun one.

If you need work done on a RV, please feel free to call
Bill 'The Furniture Guy' Hitchcock
Lakewood, CO

Spring Fling 2011

I got to visit with lots of people at the Spring Fling and got to debut a new folding chair,
which took most of the winter to figure out (you'd think it would be easier).

Each folding chair is made from hardwood (mountain ash in the first batch) and outdoor fabric
that is sun and weather resistant.
$105 with your choice of fabric or $85 for just the frame and you get to do the sewing.

Live Well
Bill 'The Furniture Guy' Hitchcock
Lakewood, CO

PS: For anyone looking for cutting boards, I've got a few in the shop and on sale at
in Lafayette, CO
And I'm heading back to the lab/wood shop for more garden stuff.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Highlands Business Group - Winter Market & Holiday Fair

We(Kim and my Helper) had a great time selling some of the wood shop's leftovers and meeting lots of people.

I had a pretty big stack of extra materials - black walnut, western juniper, cherry, elm, Russian olive and mahogany - just all in 12-22" lengths. So I ended up making butcher block cutting boards, trivets and some boxes that all sold very well.

Below is a few pictures of some pieces that we have duplicates of for sale and can be shipped reasonably.

Live Well
Bill 'The Furniture Guy' Hitchcock
Lakewood, CO

Cherry/Walnut/Mahogany Cutting Board - 8"x17" -$25 

Western Juniper Box - 7"x12"x3" - $55

Small Butcher Block Cutting Board - 6"x6" - $10

Russian Olive Box - 5"x9"x5" - $45

Black Walnut Box - 6"x13"x5" - $55

Beetle Kill Box - 5"x5"x16" - $35

My Helper

I just found this picture the other day - as per the norm, I believe she
is trying to inform me of what I should be doing.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Dowel Chair at Modmood for $300

This has to be the most unusual thing I have made. So first off think of those
Sharper Image Metal pin office toys from the '80s - the one where you would
press your hand into the pins and it would make reproduction of your hand, see below:

To make a chair, first make a barrel out of dowels, like this:

Then  make some circles from upholsters foam and insert them in the barrel:

Now make about 300-400 dowel rods:

And put the colored dowels in the barrel atop the foam like this:
And you end up with something like this:

which works like a combination of the hand pin thing or a water bed when you sit on it.

I can't claim to have thought of the idea but the folks at Modmood had bought a similar chair at auction that was in rough shape - great idea, not so great execution - so I made another with improvements which is for sale and sitting at their shop:

7700 West 44th Ave (44th just West of Wadsworth)
Wheat Ridge CO

They specialize in New Century (think Vegas 1950s hip) new and rescued furniture - all of which is very cool and leads to things like the dowel chair, which is available for your amusement for $300.

I'm working on a second that will be black and white with a few colored seat dowels. I'll try t post up some better pics when I have it completed - The-Furniture Guy's cell phone pics are only ok.

Live Well
Bill 'The-Furniture-Guy' Hitchcock
Lakewood, CO