Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Dowel Chair at Modmood for $300

This has to be the most unusual thing I have made. So first off think of those
Sharper Image Metal pin office toys from the '80s - the one where you would
press your hand into the pins and it would make reproduction of your hand, see below:

To make a chair, first make a barrel out of dowels, like this:

Then  make some circles from upholsters foam and insert them in the barrel:

Now make about 300-400 dowel rods:

And put the colored dowels in the barrel atop the foam like this:
And you end up with something like this:

which works like a combination of the hand pin thing or a water bed when you sit on it.

I can't claim to have thought of the idea but the folks at Modmood had bought a similar chair at auction that was in rough shape - great idea, not so great execution - so I made another with improvements which is for sale and sitting at their shop:

7700 West 44th Ave (44th just West of Wadsworth)
Wheat Ridge CO

They specialize in New Century (think Vegas 1950s hip) new and rescued furniture - all of which is very cool and leads to things like the dowel chair, which is available for your amusement for $300.

I'm working on a second that will be black and white with a few colored seat dowels. I'll try t post up some better pics when I have it completed - The-Furniture Guy's cell phone pics are only ok.

Live Well
Bill 'The-Furniture-Guy' Hitchcock
Lakewood, CO