Thursday, September 23, 2010

Miss C's Walk to Read Cart

At my daughter's school, they have a walk-to-read program where the kids switch up rooms and
teachers for reading.

Well, one of the other teachers had a small cart the kids would use to push their books to the
next classroom. SWMBO (Kim) ferreted out from Sarah's teacher that she coveted a cart and
thus I was volunteered.

So with some lawn mower wheels, and some left over cherry and mahogany, you get this:

And here is Miss C - first grade teacher extraordinaire with her cart.

The main body of the cart is American Cherry - one of my favorite woods to work with (smells great, works great, is nice and hard, and it takes finish beautifully) - and the top of the handle is African Mahogany.

Live Well
Bill 'The-Furniture-Guy' Hitchcock
Lakewood, CO

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